VP of Engineering

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VP of Engineering

Job description

Who we are

Our mission at Capacity is to help teams do their best work through our AI-powered support automation platform. Capacity provides everything you need to automate support and business processes in one powerful platform.

In order to help all teams do their best work, we need our Capacity team to be a reflection of the workforce. We believe that each individual voice, perspective and background brings inherent value to enhance our product, serve our customers and generate more ideas to solve complex problems.

It’s an exciting time to join Capacity. Our company is growing rapidly: we have experienced a 150% year-over-year revenue growth. Capacity has raised a total of $36 million dollars from multiple investors, giving us the opportunity to make ambitious investments in our team and big bets on our future. Our total addressable market is infinite. Any company that relies on shared knowledge and bottomless documentation, desires data automation and reporting, or needs to streamline information and processes is an opportunity for Capacity to shine. By continuing to hire smart and humble teammates all over the country, we have the opportunity to see Capacity become a premier brand enterprise SaaS.

The Platform

Capacity’s users use Capacity for three major functions:

  • Answering questions (Bot, Knowledge Base, Cloud Drive, Helpdesk, Livechat)

  • Automating tasks (Workflows, Automations)

  • Building solutions (Dev Platform, CapacityDB, LiveDB)

All of our products in the platform map to one of these three functions.

A chance to lead a growing team with a huge company payoff

The Engineering team is looking for an experienced leader to assist all aspects of the business - from Product to Marketing to Sales to Customer Success. You will have the opportunity to independently move the ball forward while developing Capacity’s Platform. Success in this position is measured by the people and teams around you getting better. You will be able to take your years of mistakes and successes and use that to inform decisions, processes and products.

Why this job is exciting

We strive to make Capacity a place where exceptional talent thrives. We know you will be able to have an impact on both our bottom line as well as internal growth. At the onset of you tenure here, you will:

  • Meet and shadow current members of the team.

  • Respond to former team members who want to come work with you once they see your updated profile

  • Learn the capabilities of the platform, the technical problems we address, dig into the architecture and begin to understand use cases.

  • Set your OKRs with the CEO and develop an action plan.

  • Join customer and prospect calls to understand their needs and how we communicate and deliver on the value of Capacity

  • Meet department heads in Customer Success, Product, Legal, Finance and Sales to get familiar with the roles they play in the development cycle.

Within three months, you will…

  • Understand the what, why, and how of the projects that your teams are working on.

  • Point out risks, mitigations and areas for improvement within those projects.

  • Begin to attract new talent into the organization and find ways to retain current talent

  • Dive into security and compliance to ensure we are meeting all benchmarks

  • Find opportunities to scale the product

  • Be able to coach, mentor and guide your team to establish career goals and growth plans.

  • Your peers in Product, CS and Sales are eager to work with you because you continuously follow through on you responsibilities

  • Communicate the 1 year vision to your team and the sustainable execution of time and talent to get there

Within six months, you will…

  • Have improved planning, communication, hiring and onboarding processes to help the team scale as we grow

  • Celebrate the fact that your team has delivered key results in support of their objectives for the year.

Within one year, you will…

  • Have hired and retained exceptional people to make our teams even more representative of our population

  • Develop a clear technical and execution strategy to achieve the next set of goals

Some of the questions you will navigate in that time:

  • Should we organize the team around function (ex. Front End, API, etc) or product lines (Workflows, Helpdesk etc)? What tradeoffs do we have for each?

  • How do we assess, tackle and manage technical debt?

  • How do we attract and retain key developer talent? How do we develop our “farm league” for up-and-coming devs?

  • How important is it to improve our bot’s match rate from 90% to 92%?

  • How do we move as much of the development as possible into the platform itself?

  • How do we navigate the ambiguities of HIPAA and SOC II compliance?

  • How do we manage a hybrid environment of in person and remote teams?

  • How do we ensure there is a great path for developers progressing in their career who do not want to manage people? Same with those managing people?

About You

You are a people-driven, results-oriented, motivated, and strategic leader who has the skills to effectively drive progress within the platform and people towards their goals. You are a skilled prioritizer who quickly understands core business processes and their associated technical solutions and tradeoffs. You have a ‘yes’ mindset and are willing to tackle what people say can’t be done.



  • Engineering leadership experience, preferably in SaaS

  • Proven track record of creative solutioning of both the products and within teams

  • Experience with (some of) our tech stack
    • Linux, Nginx, Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab, AWS

    • Python, Go, Javascript/React, Node, Lua

    • MariaDB, Redis, RabbitMQ

    • GUSE, ElasticSearch

  • Independent, bold problem selector who can clearly articulate and defend the ‘why’

  • Willingness to travel to meet with Capacity leadership and engineers at minimum 1/quarter

Bonus if you have:

  • Startup experience with rapid greenfield development

  • Experience managing remote teams

Still unsure?

At Capacity we value more than just hard skills. Our goal is to build a holistic and diverse team. If you aren’t sure if you qualify, just apply! We will carefully consider your application and are always grateful for any time and effort invested in Capacity. But remember, this is a startup. It is not a traditional, 9-5 job. Only apply if you are enamored with the idea of building something great and willing to work hard to get there.

But wait, there’s more!

At Capacity we believe in more than just building amazing products and helping our customers. Although we are now a remote workforce, we remember the neighborhood where we started. We still strive to elevate our community by furthering access to education and careers in the tech space. Our sister company, Create A Loop, brings rigorous computer science courses to underserved communities with little to no access to formal computer science education. There are many opportunities for our Capacity team members to serve and educate our Create A Loop students throughout the year.

What is compensation like at Capacity?

  • We offer fully funded medical premiums for each full-time team member and their dependents.

  • Stock Options

  • Minimum PTO requirements

  • 401K

  • Short Term Disability

  • Flexible work environment