Senior DevOps Engineer

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Senior DevOps Engineer

Job description

Who we are

Our mission at Capacity is to help teams do their best work through our AI-powered support automation platform. Capacity provides everything you need to automate support and business processes in one powerful platform.

In order to help all teams do their best work, we need our Capacity team to be a reflection of the workforce. We believe that each individual voice, perspective and background brings inherent value to enhance our product, serve our customers and generate more ideas to solve complex problems.

It’s an exciting time to join Capacity. Our company is growing rapidly: we have experienced a 150% year-over-year revenue growth. Capacity has raised a total of $56 million dollars from individual investors, giving us the opportunity to make ambitious investments in our team and big bets on our future. Our total addressable market is infinite. Any company that relies on shared knowledge and bottomless documentation, desires data automation and reporting, or needs to streamline information and processes is an opportunity for Capacity to shine. By continuing to hire smart and humble teammates all over the country, we have the opportunity to see Capacity become a premier brand enterprise SaaS.

Why this job is exciting

As a Senior DevOps Engineer you will…

  • Manage and support Capacity’s services in the cloud

  • Help our engineering teams deploy working and secure code as quickly and easily as possible

  • Improve our infrastructure and processes with automation

  • Increase observability into our services to reduce disruptions and aid troubleshooting

  • Assist with many other tasks and expectations not included in this job description. Flexibility is key!


About You

You are a seasoned engineer with the proven ability to build software solutions at scale and navigate the complexities and challenges of developing new products and features. You thrive in a fast paced, challenging environment and strive to understand how all of the unique engineering components work together to meet our customer needs. You love learning new things and enjoy working on a tight-knit team.

You have:

  • 5+ years of systems administration, cloud architecture, software engineering, or related experience.

  • Experience managing Linux systems, either on-premise or in the cloud

  • Demonstrated ability to automate tasks using scripting languages like Python and Bash, and configuration management tools like Ansible and Terraform

  • An understanding and hands-on experience with containerization technologies and container orchestration platforms

  • Experience using and managing CI/CD pipelines

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • An eagerness to learn and a good instinct for when to dig into a problem independently and when to reach out for help

Even better if you have:

  • Experience managing AWS infrastructure with Terraform

  • Maintained Kubernetes clusters on EKS using Docker and deployed applications to that environment using Helm and GitOps

  • Written and maintained services written in any programming language

  • Used GitLab for version control and CI/CD

  • Experience working in SOC or HIPAA environments and involvement with the audits required to maintain compliance with those frameworks

Interview Process (~3 HOURS)

You apply

[30 min] High level screen with Kate Bell, Talent Acquisition

[45 min] Cultural fit/job expectations interview with Brian Derickson, DevOps Manager

[1 hr] Interview with extended DevOps/Product team

[10 mins] Predictive Index at home assessment

[30 min] Interview with David Karandish, founder and CEO of Capacity

References and offer!