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Quality Engineer - Automation

Job description

Who we are
Our mission at Capacity is to help teams do their best work through our AI-powered support automation platform. Capacity provides everything you need to automate support and business processes in one powerful platform.

In order to help all teams do their best work, we need our Capacity team to be a reflection of the workforce. We believe that each individual voice, perspective and background brings inherent value to enhance our product, serve our customers and generate more ideas to solve complex problems. 

It’s an exciting time to join Capacity. Our company is growing rapidly: we have experienced a 150% year-over-year revenue growth. Capacity has raised a total of $56 million dollars from individual investors, giving us the opportunity to make ambitious investments in our team and big bets on our future. Our total addressable market is infinite. Any company that relies on shared knowledge and bottomless documentation, desires data automation and reporting, or needs to streamline information and processes is an opportunity for Capacity to shine. By continuing to hire smart and humble teammates all over the country, we have the opportunity to see Capacity become a premier brand enterprise SaaS.

A small enthusiastic team with a big company payoff

The Engineering team is looking for an experienced Quality Engineer who is an expert at automated testing, CI/CD pipelines and engineering high quality SaaS platforms. You will help establish the QE function at Capacity to ensure platform quality keeps up with our customer driven fast pace of development. If you are obsessed with automated deploy processes that have predictable quality, this is the job for you.

You will be joining a team of smart and driven developers who have a high technological curiosity and supportive, collaborative approach to team culture. The Capacity platform is a microservices architecture with broad functionality and extensive use of AI and ML throughout our various services. Yet, we still make time to learn new things, walk our dogs and occasionally get everyone together to have fun and get to know each other a little better.

Why this job is exciting

As a Quality Engineer - Automation you will…

  • Establish the much needed Quality Engineering function at Capacity with another team mate.

  • Create a highly effective and quality focused automation system using leading edge tools and innovative processes.

  • Work side by side with an experienced and intelligent Engineering organization that has delivered an award winning support automation platform using advanced AI and ML algorithms and technologies.

  • Solve a key challenge for SaaS companies achieving amazing growth which is maintaining and improving quality while continuing to advance the platform at a fast pace.

  • Shape an engineering culture that values quality as highly as they do innovation and customer satisfaction.

Within one month, you will...

  • Learn about our mission, our product, our value proposition, our customers, our team and our processes.

  • Virtually meet each person on your team for a casual introductory call.

  • Meet with your supervisor to discuss departmental KPIs

  • Set up your environment and all core dependencies

  • Evaluate all existing automation tools and quality process

  • Join team calls and become familiar with the Capacity cadences and communication

  • Be celebrated for improving a few existing test scripts in your first month!

Within three months, you will...

  • Defined the automation strategy for all CI/CD pipelines including tools, test strategies and test metrics

  • Participate in the hiring process of future team members

  • Provide Business Intelligence and other internal stakeholders with key insights and feedback on behalf of your team

Within six months, you will

  • Developed and executed a comprehensive strategy for automated, high quality delivery of leading edge technology.


About You

You are a seasoned Quality Engineer - Automation with the proven ability to build high quality software solutions at scale and navigate challenges maintaining quality while constantly developing new products and features. You thrive in a fast paced, challenging environment and strive to understand how all of the unique engineering components work together to meet our customer needs. You love learning new things and enjoy working on a tight-knit team.


  • You have 3+ years experience working with test automation and automatic deployment of SaaS platforms.

  • You have a strong understanding of automated test development, CI/CD and deploy pipelines.

  • A deep understanding of testing tools such as Github, Gitlab, Jenkins, Cypress and test frameworks such as pytest, and jest.

  • Fully conversant in various testing methodologies including unit, integration, acceptance, performance and regression testing.

  • You are passionate about building highly reliable, secure, maintainable and scalable systems.

  • You are willing to constantly deploy and iterate on your solutions.

  • You look forward to brainstorming sessions, post-mortems and feedback sessions with multi-disciplinary teams.

Bonus if you have:

  • Experience with React, Golang, and Python

  • Experience with GitLab

  • Working knowledge of AWS, Kubernetes, Docker

Interview Process (~6 HOURS)

You apply

[30 min] High level screen with Kate Bell, Talent Acquisition

[45 min] High level screen with Bob Benedict, VP Engineering

[45 min] Interview with James Cain, Acting QE Manager

[~3 hrs] At home testing

[1 hr] Interview with extended engineering team (leading into the call below)

[45 min] Interview with Brian Derickson, Director DevOps

[10 mins] Predictive Index at home assessment

[30 min] Interview with David Karandish, founder and CEO of Capacity

References and offer!

Still unsure?
At Capacity we value more than just hard skills. Our goal is to build a holistic and diverse team. If you aren’t sure if you qualify, just apply! We will carefully consider your application and are always grateful for any time and effort invested in Capacity.

But wait, there’s more!

At Capacity we believe in more than just building amazing products and helping our customers. Although we are now a remote workforce, we remember the neighborhood where we started. We still strive to elevate our community by furthering access to education and careers in the tech space. Our sister company, Create A Loop, brings rigorous computer science courses to underserved communities with little to no access to formal computer science education. There are many opportunities for our Capacity team members to serve and educate our Create A Loop students throughout the year.

What is compensation like at Capacity?

  • We offer fully funded medical premiums for each full-time team member and their dependents.

  • Stock Options

  • Generous paid parental leave policy

  • Minimum PTO requirements (at LEAST 10 days out of the office)

  • 401K

  • Life/AD&D

  • Short Term Disability

  • Flexible work environment